What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”.  This is a model where your local community supports a local farm by buying their food locally, where they can see how their food is grown and harvested – whether it’s a vegetable harvest or protein.  A farm which owns a CSA will often allow its customers to purchase “packages” in advance to help defray the costs of raising and processing food and also to guarantee that the food which they produce has a home.  In this way, customers enjoy fresh meats and don’t receive frozen products which have been thawed for sale.  In short, a CSA allows the community to reinvest in its own area while enjoying naturally sourced nutrition. 

Benefits of a CSA

There are many benefits to community supported agriculture.  Here are a few which Timothy Farms in Berks County, PA offers. 

  • Personal contact with your farmer.  When you walk into the grocery store and see those giant chicken breasts, do you ever wonder what a chicken with such a large breast looked like?  The fact is, we don’t often know where our meats come from, how old they are, and how much saline, sugar, dyes, or other ingredients were pumped into them.  With a CSA, you know where your meat comes from, you know what it was fed, and you know how old it is when you pick it up.  
  • Support for your local community.  When you buy from a local farm such as Timothy Farms, you’re reinvesting in your community.  Your money goes towards the development of your local farm.  The farmland stays a farm, and you reap the benefits of a local producer.
  • Healthy food for your table.  While we’re not allowed to call our products organic without a USDA stamp (see the “are you an organic farm?” page), you’re eating meats which were fed natural food with no pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, are pastured,and allowed to range freely on a natural farm.  The phrase “you are what you eat” can really be expanded to read “you are what they eat”.  Our chickens range freely and eat locally sourced organic grain.  Our cattle and lambs are pasture raised and are largely grass fed.  
  • Tasty food for your table.  All the benefits we’ve listed translate to a wonderful tasting product.  Try it for yourself and taste the difference between saline injected, dyed meats and fresh pastured meats.