Pastured Pork

It’s just better.

Raising pigs in an all natural environment is what we do at Timothy Farms.  The natural diet of pigs consists of grass, nuts, herbs, roots, and other items, and as such our pigs forage in the woods and on pasture for most of their food.  We supplement them with non-gmo, naturally sourced grain, and they can roam freely in their pastures.  We raise Heritage Mix pigs without antibiotics and hormones.  This makes for a healthier animal and a better product for you, the consumer. 


Pastured Pork

  • Feed: Natural grains, grass, leaves, nuts
  • Transported from farm directly to your table.
  • No pesticides used.  No pesticides needed.
  • No antibiotics, no hormones.
  • Very low mortality before slaughter.






Conventional Pork

  • Feed: Corn, Soybeans
  • Transported thousands of miles before consumption
  • Pesticides sprayed directly on the pigs
  • Antibiotics and hormones used regularly.
  • Many pigs die before slaughter.

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