Grass-Fed Beef

Healthy.  Tasty.  All Natural.


We only sell grass-fed beef.  It’s the cow’s natural diet, and as such keeps our cows healthy.  Our pastures are pesticide-free, and our cattle rotate through the different pastures every few days to allow the land to recover.  Our cows are antibiotic and hormone free as well. 

    Organic vs. Pastured Beef

While the USDA requires certification to label products “organic”  it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is grass-fed, or pastured.  A cow eats grass by design, and, like people, when their diet changes dramatically, so do they.  The addition of grain to the diet alters the digestive process, producing an imbalance in their chemical makeup.  Organic beef simply means that the cow has access to the pasture but can be fed organic grain.  Our cows only eat grass and hay, both of which are pesticide-free and grown on our farm.  One of the benefits of grass-fed beef is the reduction in the instances of E-Coli, due to the higher acid levels in the stomach.

We don’t use hormones or antibiotics on our cows – we don’t need to.  In addition to tasting better, grass-fed cows are generally a healthier breed.  You can order our grass-fed beef packages here.

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