Farm Fresh Eggs

It pays to know what you’re eating.


Ever had fresh, healthy, eggs from free ranging hens?  The hens at Timothy Farms roam the pastures all day.  Believe it or not, happy hens lay better eggs!  We feed our hens non-GMO, organic feed from a local source.  We have several breeds which lay large brown eggs.  While commercially available eggs can be up to two months old before you get them, we daily collect and sell ours, so everything is fresh.  

Interested in getting your own chickens for eggs?  We can help!  Check it out here.

There are quite a few different options available when it comes to purchasing your eggs – standard caged,  organic,  cage free, free range, and pasture raised.

So, what are you really getting when you purchase each of these types of eggs.  The answers may surprise you.



The Differences Among the Labels

  • Caged Eggs – .These are just what you’d expect.  The hens are kept in small cages with no room to move.  They eat whatever the producer gives them. They’re cheap to produce, and as you would expect, they’re fairly low in nutrients in comparison to some of the other eggs.  Hey- you get what you pay for.
  • Organic Eggs – These hens feed on organic feed and receive no antibiotics or chemicals.  Contrary to popular belief,  producers can still keep them in cages.  The organic designation only applies to the feed and lack of antibiotics or chemicals.
  • Cage-Free Eggs – This label can be somewhat misleading.  Most people envision hens roaming the countryside and happily eating as they go.  This is not the case at all.  Cage-free simply means that they’re not kept in a cage.  Space requirements are minimal, and there is no requirement for the hens to ever see the outdoors.
  • Free Range Eggs – Again, no happy chickens running around.  The requirements for cage-free and free range are basically the same with the exception that free-range chickens need to have access to the outdoors.  A small door or two is all that is needed to comply.
  • Pasture-Raised Eggs – Oddly enough, this is the one category which isn’t regulated by the USDA.  This is how Timothy Farms keeps its hens.  Here you will see happy chickens roaming the outdoors.  Of course we have barriers to prevent them from wandering too far, but our hens have all the access they want to food, as well as the ability to forage the area for grass and bugs.  If you’ve never had pastured eggs, you owe it to yourself to try them.

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