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Making Chicken Edible Again.


We currently sell two types of chicken – the Cornish Cross and the Freedom Ranger.  We will most likely be adding other poultry items as the circumstances permit. 

Cornish Cross – The Cornish Cross is a classic white chicken.  It’s what usually comes to mind when people think of chickens.  It typically has white feathers and yellow skin.  It’s a fairly heavy bird with a lot of breast meat.  While we allow all the birds to range freely, these chickens don’t roam very far.

Freedom Ranger – While it sounds like the name of a superhero, the Freedom Ranger is actually our other breed of chicken.  As the name states, you’ll find this bird foraging on grass, insects, and any other food it finds.  It’s a much more mobile bird, and as such is leaner and lower in fat.  The Freedom Ranger has been around for years and is a more traditional breed of chicken. 


Why Timothy Farms Chicken?

There was a time where commercially available chicken was a bit of a luxury item.  Most chicken was sold whole, and was quite a bit more expensive than today.  This was largely because it took twice as long to raise them, more feed, and more space.  The end result was a smaller bird than today which took longer to process because people needed to buy the whole chicken. 

So, What Changed?

In the ’50s we started seeing a shift in the raising and processing of poultry.  The United States became more interested in processed foods, and the chicken was no exception.  Through cross-breeding, modified diets, and other types of engineering, chickens have more than doubled in size since the ’50s and now we see chicken breasts which weigh more than the whole chicken did. They’re now kept in small cages with no ability to move, fed an excessive feeding diet which grows them to slaughter weight in about half the time, and lack of exercise which helps them to grow larger.  Cookbooks began calling for boneless and skinless breasts, and in an effort to meet the marketplace demands, we now have giant chicken breasts, infused with fluid, and packaged for sale at under $2.00 per pound. 

Unfortunately, they taste like $1.99 meat as well.  We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”.  The corollary to that is also true.  You are what they eat.  The cheapest feed, the tightest quarters, and accelerated growth times have all led to meat which needs to be infused with saltwater to have any flavor, and a new condition which creates hardened muscle fibers makes the meat tough.  While it takes Timothy Farms twice as long to raise and pasture their chickens and a lot more space, it’s worth it when you actually enjoy the flavor of our chicken once again. 

Try one.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


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