Our Philosophy


Here’s where you can find out about why we do what we do, and how to join us. 


Timothy Farms: Our Philosophy

Timothy Farms has been in our family for several generations, as has farming in general.  But like most couples, we didn’t have time to do much with a full farm, so, while we lived here and even raised a few animals, we spent most of our time away from home.   However, as our family has grown, we began to realize that our lives often revolve around our businesses, our work, and everything but our family.  This is certainly common in today’s culture, but, quite honestly, we didn’t like it.  Our lifestyles, our diets, our time commitments, and our goals all needed to be adjusted, and with a growing family this was the time to make the change.  And so, Timothy Farms was born.


     Family Owned and Operated

Timothy Farms is a small, family run farm. Our aim was to have a business in which our entire family could participate – which would work with our family and allow us to spend time together while doing some good for the surrounding community.  Growing up on a farm, we remembered the joy of feeding the cows, taking care of the chickens, and having fresh eggs for breakfast.  We want that for our kids as well.

     Taste the Difference

We pasture-raise everything we sell, feed our animals all natural, locally sourced feed, and we use no pesticides or hormones.  It’s a healthier product, but also a better flavor.  When it’s just the chicken or just the beef, with no saline, dyes, or preservatives, the flavor speaks for itself.  We’ve all seen and probably bought the $1.99/lb pack of chicken breasts.   We’ve probably all wondered how the chicken breasts have grown so large over the past few years as well.  We’ve also probably wondered where the flavor and tenderness has gone from those same chicken breasts.  The fact is, naturally raised chicken doesn’t yield this kind of product.  Try our broilers and you’ll see and taste the difference immediately.  They are allowed to roam within their pastures, eat local grain and often forage for food on their own as well.  They don’t go in cages, don’t receive hormone treatment to grow larger, and don’t find themselves standing on top of one another due to space issues.  You can order them here when they’re in season.




100% Organic? Can You Say That? 

You’ll notice that none of our products are labeled “organic”.  That’s because we’re not permitted by law to call ourselves organic. You can, however,  be rest assured that you’re eating some of the healthiest products available to you.  The USDA requires certain practices and a certificate from them in order to be labeled “organic”.  Farms such as Timothy Farms have been implementing many of these practices for years.  We feed our chickens naturally sourced, locally available grain, and they range freely, eating from the land.  Our cattle and other larger animals eat what we grow here.  We don’t use any pesticides, and we don’t grow anything out of season.  All our animals are humanely treated and pastured in a healthy environment.  In many cases, our standards exceed the USDA standards.  We have chosen not to pursue a USDA certification simply because it won’t change the way we raise and process anything on the farm.