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Enjoy Pasture Raised, Ethically Treated, Naturally Fed Local Meats for Your Table.  Taste the Difference.


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Eat Locally. Thrive.

“Let food be thy medicine.” There is debate as to whether or not Hippocrates was actually the one who said this, but in today’s world there is increasing evidence that the food we eat has a large impact on our overall health.   Much of our food supply we have today has been engineered to last longer, grow faster, and sell cheaper.   Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best for our health.  Preservatives, chemicals, and contaminants have found their way into most of the commercially available meats available to us, and it often takes its toll on our health. 

Timothy Farms family owned farm in Boyertown, PA which is committed to healthy eating from pasture to plate.  Timothy Farms has been in our family for multiple generations, and now, we’re making our meats available to our local region.  Taste the difference that eating locally can provide for you and your family.  And become part of the CSA which we operate.   We invite you to find out a little more about us here


Timothy Farms, a CSA

8am – 2pm

Boyertown, PA

Timothy Farms – Our Pastured Meats

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